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Antipodal Talent 美中人才 is a U.S.-based creative and talent management agency that helps Western companies successfully enter and promote themselves in the Mainland Chinese marketplace. Our primary mission is KOL management and we represent a variety of Chinese KOLs, including models, actors and Internet celebrities, many of whom are also active live streamers.

‘KOL,’ which is short for ‘Key Opinion Leader,’ is the term most commonly used in Asia to identify someone who would be called an ‘influencer’ in the West

Talent Management

Antipodal Talent represents a variety of outstanding talent in China, including models, actors, influencers and Internet celebrities. Their social media influence ranges from what is commonly referred to as micro-influencers (<10,000) to full-blown Internet celebrities (>1,000,000).

Live Streaming

Antipodal Talent has been actively engaged in the Chinese live streaming economy since March of 2016, and all its talent (and its founders) have some experience on one or more of China’s live streaming platforms. We are the only foreign agency to have ever officially managed a “family group” on Huajiao LIVE which is currently the most popular live streaming network in China.

Advising Foreign Business

Doing business in China is different than doing business anywhere else in the world and those differences exist at a fundamental level that can only be appreciated by those with firsthand experience. With a collective experience of over 10 years doing business in China and working with Chinese companies, the founders of Antipodal Talent, one of whom is a practicing attorney, frequently advise small companies and individuals prior to entering the Chinese market.

Relationship Building

In China, personal and business relationships are infinitely more important than contractual agreements so if you don’t know the right people, you are going to spend a lot of time and effort trying to find those people before you can get down to business. Antipodal Talent has hundreds of trusted contacts throughout mainland China in the technology, fashion, entertainment, legal and marketing industries that we can leverage so you can spend less time getting established and more time doing business.


Working with companies that are continually 12+ hours ahead of you on the other side of the globe is a challenge. Because Antipodal Talent is based in the United States, working through us means you never have to deal with that aspect of doing business with China. In addition, because we also have a Chinese presence that is 12+ hours ahead we are effectively available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to advise you.

What is an "Internet Celebrity?"

Live streaming has propelled the careers of many Chinese Internet Celebrities, just like YouTube and Vine introduced hundreds of gamers, makeup artists, comedians, etc., to those of us living in the West. And just like their Western counterparts, there is no question that Chinese Internet Celebrities are what social media marketing experts like to call “Influencers” and “Key Opinion Leaders.”

In China, people sometimes refer to Internet Celebrities as ’45° famous.’ Whereas regular celebrities are ’90° famous’ because you have to look straight up in the sky to see them, Internet Celebrities are closer to the earth, thus only ’45° famous.’ But this also means they are closer to their fans, much more accessible, and much more influential to those fans compared to regular celebrities.

Our Internet Celebrities

You can view all of the Internet Celebrities that we represent and work with on our Instagram feed below. If you would like more information about working with any of them please contact us directly.

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