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Antipodal Talent Founders Invited to First Ever China-USA Internet Celebrity Summit


On September 25, 2016, Antipodal Talent’s founders Grant Gulovsen and Sam Triplett will attend the first ever “China-USA Internet Celebrity Summit,” which is being hosted this year in San Francisco by IMS, one of the largest social media marketing companies in China.

As an industry level event, the China-USA Internet Celebrity Summit gathers the following:

  • American Internet Celebrities (including Instagram, Vine and YouTube stars Amanda Cerny, Jason Chen, Lucas & Marcus Dobre, Alex Lange, Lucia Liu, AJ Mitchell, Jake & Logan Paul, Alissa Violet, and Neels Visser);
  • Chinese Internet Celebrities (including vloggers Aikelili and Mu Yalan, Weibo stars Tong Dao Da Shu and Ding Yi Chen, as well as Xiaocang Cany – the most famous female gamer in China); and
  • Industry Veterans and Investors (VP of Sina Weibo Zengui Cao, CEO of IMS Meng Li, Managing Partner at GGV Capital Hans Tung, Angel Investor Wei Guo, Entrepreneur and Former Mission Motorcycles CEO Mark Seeger)

For complete information about the event, visit the Official China-USA Internet Celebrity Summit Website