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Antipodal Talent Welcomes Daniel Ramamoorthy


Antipodal Talent 美中人才 is very excited to be working with entrepreneur, speaker, artist and startup coach Daniel Ramamoorthy on its latest project (yet to be officially announced). Daniel (known more popularly as “DanRam”) is the founder of several successful startups in multiple countries and regularly coaches other founders on what he’s learned. In this capacity he has hosted some of the largest startup events on the planet, mentored at accelerators and facilitated deal flows for investors. He also lectures on entrepreneurship and speaks at over 100 events a year internationally. His global credentials include growing up in 10 countries on 4 continents and prior to beginning his entrepreneurial journey he worked in diverse industries ranging from the UN to Consulting to Private Equity.

You can find out more about DanRam on the web at and his handle across all social media (Linkedin/Youtube/Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat) is @iamdanram.